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Tenaska Power Management, LLC (TPM) provides energy management and consulting services to a wide portfolio of customers across the U.S. We help wholesale market participants acquire visibility and intelligence of energy products in the marketplace and gain access to a diverse portfolio of renewable power providers. TPM’s advisory and optimization services maximize the economic and environmental value of your energy.

Where We Operate

TPM is licensed to provide services in regulated and deregulated energy markets. Our professionals have a solid reputation for integrity, extensive market knowledge and customer focus.

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Advisory Services Built on Experience

Who We Are

TPM is an affiliate of Tenaska, one of the largest private, independent energy companies in the United States, with a proven record of success in the development, design, financing, construction management and operation of electric generating facilities and in energy marketing. Tenaska’s scope of business includes:

Advisory Services Built on Experience

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Tenaska’s experienced professionals are leaders in all aspects of energy production, marketing and financial management, and have the expertise, the resources and the flexibility to meet North America’s evolving energy needs.

TPM Overview

Advisory Services Built on Experience