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Tenaska Power Management

Tenaska Power Management, LLC is a licensed provider of retail electric energy that supplies large commercial and industrial retail customers, such as manufacturing facilities and big box stores, with retail electric power at competitive wholesale prices. (We do not provide service to residential or small commercial customers.)

Our professionals have a solid reputation for integrity, extensive market knowledge and customer focus.

What We Do

Tenaska Power Management gives retail customers access to the wholesale market by purchasing power directly from the wholesale market and then reselling it to retail customers at a wholesale-based price.

We provide transparency via an online portal that enables customers to view price activity specific to their location. This portal also shows how pricing spikes during periods of high demand and dips during low demand – an indication to our customers of when they should curb power consumption to manage their costs or increase consumption to take advantage of lower rates.

map-usWhere We Operate

Tenaska Power Management is licensed to provide services in the following states:

  • Illinois, order no. 16-0396
  • Maryland, license no. IR-3745
  • Massachusetts, license no. CS-167
  • New Jersey, license no. ESL-0187
  • Ohio, certificate no. 16-1137E(1)
  • Pennsylvania, license no. A-2016-2565723

Who We Are

Tenaska Power Management, LLC is an affiliate of Tenaska, one of the largest private, independent energy companies in the United States, with a proven record of success in development, design, financing, construction management and operation of electric generating facilities and in energy marketing.

Tenaska’s energy marketing affiliates are backed by the strong balance sheet, financial expertise and reputation that the company has built over 30 years. As of year-end 2017, Tenaska had $10.5 billion in gross operating revenues, $3.7 billion in total assets and $1.7 billion in balance sheet equity.

Tenaska’s experienced professionals are leaders in all aspects of energy production, marketing and financial management. As a private, independent company, Tenaska has the expertise, the resources and the flexibility to meet North America’s evolving energy needs.